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Here at Marson Flooring we have a great range of quality stock carpet and vinyl at discounted rates, perfect for Renovations, Rentals, New Builds and Light Commercial. There is no waiting for products to arrive, they can be cut and ready for you by the following day – great if you’re in that extra rush.

Stocks are limited, so don’t delay coming in to visit us to see our current range.

Pictures are for demonstrative purposes and colours may differ slightly .
Products are sold by the Lineal Metre (one metre length by the products width).  Don’t be fooled by products sold in m² that ‘appear’ cheaper.
We endeavor to keep this page up to date so all products you see here are currently avaliable. Please contact us to find out just how much is left.

Premade overlocked mats

We provide an overlocking service for your carpet off cuts or we have a range of premade overlocked mats for sale. These are great quality, low cost mats that provide you with a great looking mat for your home or workplace.

Contact us on 04 589 3042 for more information

See our Stock Vinyl Here

Cabrillo SDN HD+S $95lm Hard twist, Cut pile Fernando196-Catalina192
Cabrillo Solution Dyed Nylon Hard Twist Cut Pile, Heavy Duty + Stairs
$95.00 m (3.660wide) ($25.95m²)
  • Fernando 196 (Light)    11.0m
  • Catalina 192 (Dark)        17.2m
Detroit 1
Detroit 26oz Solution Dyed Nylon Cut Pile, Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs
$95.00 m (3.660wide) ($25.95m²)
  • Pravda       20.4m
  • Paua          2.0 m & 4.6m (different batches)
  • Maypark   18.5 m
Berbery Sand HD+S 100% NZ Wool Textured Loop $110lm
Berbery 100% Pure NZ Wool Textured Loop Pile, Heavy Duty + Stairs
$110.00 m (3.660wide) ($30.05m²)
  • Sand      67 m
Marquee SDN $115
Marquee Solution Dyed Nylon Cut Pile
$125.00 m  $115.00m (3.660wide)($31.42m²)
  • Sorrell      9m
Performer Plus SDN $80 1&2&3&4
Performer Plus Solution Dyed Nylon Commercial, Heavy Duty
$92.00m $80.00 m (3.660wide) ($25.14m²) ($21.85m²)
  • Overcast          7.0m
  • Nightsky
  • Grey Ash        4.5m
  • Coffee Bean    10.6m
  • Stormy Sky     6.6m
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