We have a huge range of Mats in stock, from small door mats to large lounge mats.

Alternatively we can overlock your carpet offcuts or supply shortends and overlock for you.

Mats sell fast call 589 3024 to check availability
Hulk Smash 1000x1000 $55
Hulk Smash 1000x1000mm $55  $45
Ben 10 Green 500x750 $30
Ben 10 Green 500x750mm $30  $25.00
HalfRound 2 Fish 440x700 $18
HalfRound 2 Fish 440x700mm $18  $13.00
NEON Glow in the dark 500x800 $40
NEON Glow in the dark 500x800mm $40
Ben 10 Black 500x750 $30
Ben 10 Black 500x750mm $30  $25


Dirtstopper Red 600x900mm $65
Green Tea Scented 600x800 $55
Green Tea Scented 600x800mm $55   $45
Lavender Scented 600x800 $55
Lavender Scented 600x800mm $55  $45
Wash&Clean Dirtstopper 600x900 $65 Nonslip UV Resistant Machine Washable Orange
Dirtstopper Orange 600x900mm $65
Carpet Runner 670mm wide was $32lm reduced $22lm
Carpet Runner 670mm wide $22lm     only 3.2m remaining
Mats $30 655x1200 2
Assorted Carpet Mats 655x1200mm $30ea
Mats $25 570x1030
Assorted Carpet Mats 570x1030mm $25ea
Mats $20 510x915
Assorted Carpet Mats 510x915mm $20ea
Mats $15 430x875
Assorted Carpet Mats 430x875mm $15ea
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